ISPE Thailand: How to implement a Cleaning Validation Lifecycle


12th - 13th March 2024


Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Cleaning Validation holds paramount importance within each phase of pharmaceutical production, ensuring the absolute safety and purity of medicinal products by removing the risk of contamination from undesirable substances. Cleaning Validation is therefore classified according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards both in Thailand and internationally.

During the upcoming seminar, participants will be given an in-depth exploration of the Life Cycle Approach and Risk & Science-Based Approach focusing on their roles in cleaning validation and creating effective cleaning procedures.

Key discussions will cover achieving optimal cleanliness through Clean by Design strategies, selecting appropriate cleaning agents, identifying Critical Process Parameters (CPP) for a successful cleaning process, setting Acceptance Criteria for contaminant levels, establishing practical sampling protocols to verify these criteria, and preparing Cleaning Validation Documents in line with industry best practices.

(Seminar will be in English)

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